What the What?

Am I serious? Did I really start a website? Looks like.

So, what’s this all about? Why does jakelees.com exist? I wanted a place to communicate my thoughts, a destination for my friends and the curious to find out what’s going on in the dark recesses of my psyche. Sounds frightening, doesn’t it?

If you’re up for the ride, I’m up for shedding my skin, showing my hand, telling the truth of how I see this world and my place in it. I’m going to write about whatever strikes my fancy, but as you can see, I’ve set the tone with my tagline.

Author – much of this website’s content will exist as text. Words are my currency; stories my trade. I anticipate publishing my work one day, so one purpose of this site is to herald completed essays and tales and let you know where you can read them.

Servant – I don’t exist for myself, but for Christ and everyone I encounter. As Jesus gave his life in service to others, I look to do the same. I hope this site provides a place of connection, that through the stories I tell, the life I share, I can inspire people spending their lives in love.

Father – My wife and I had two children, kickstarting reflection on my own childhood and identity. There’s a reason I teach middle school and lead kids at church. I was paternal long before my kids came along.

Runner – I get out on the roads twice on weekdays and hit trails on the weekend. I run in cold and rain and heat and snow and sunshine. Moving from point A to point B moves something in me. It keeps me healthy and happy; ask my wife.

Reformed Robot – Time was, I interfaced better with the television than I did with people. I’m a geek, a gamer. The mystery of experiences electronics provide fascinates me, and as society’s created higher bandwidth, I connected to friends and family. There’s so much more information seen through someone’s eyes than provided via a smart device’s interface.

These are the things I write about, I also love science fiction and fantasy. Let’s pretend together, and through the pretending…

…find what’s true.

2 thoughts on “What the What?

  1. I am KGB spy. You thought we did not exist anymore. Maybe not in official way. Is more club now than anything else. Anyways, we will be watching you! We will beat the West in race to make robots more like humans! We know that jakelees.com is super top secret CIA website cover for clandestined programme to reform robots and make them blend in with society. We will infiltrate secret super clandestined underground programme of so-called “Jake Lees” (secret code name for cybernetic engineering programme) and we will crush you while you drool like mad man slobering down capitalist pig chin!!!!

    Sincerely Yours,
    Comrade Viktor

    P.S call me “Shakey” (Twitter handle: @ShakeyBear)
    P.P.S. You will never find our underground sleeper cell in basement of Jolly Pirate donut shop!
    P.P.P.S. At least cyborgs are not tempted by honey dipped donut… I already gain 3 kilos since was assigned to this stinking mission! They must never be allowed to enter the Motherland!!!

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