Two Grandfathers

Well, I already broke my commitment to post every weekday, so that means I get to redouble my efforts. Plus, you get to see what I look like at 3:30 am. Jury’s still out whether that’s a reward or punishment, but we’re forging ahead anyway.

Like many people, I had two grandfathers, my paternal one, Willis, and my maternal one, Wal-Paul. Unlike most people, my paternal grandfather was a gentle farmer who loved spending time with his family, while my maternal grandfather lived out of state, never recognized birthdays or holidays, and only saw us once a year to convince us we were all going to die in a nuclear devastation.

Guess which one I preferred.

Finally! I found my purpose.

For at least as long as I’ve had this URL, I’ve not known what this blog is, and if I don’t know what I’m doing, then, dear reader, you wouldn’t have the foggiest notion either! Therefore, since I’m writing a book about my grandfather, the former cult leader, I figure that’s what I’ll blog about. Buckle up.

Expect five things. First, I’ll post some pieces that will become part of the book. Second, I’ll post updates on how things are progressing. Third, some posts will just be me reflecting on the process.

“Jake, I can count, and that’s only three things.”

Yes. The other two things you can expect are a new aesthetic for the site and blogs to go up each weekday.

“What? Usually, months go by between your posts.”

Yeah, that’s shitty. If I commit to posting each weekday, that means I have to come through, which creates accountability and gets my rear in gear, so thank you, dear reader for visiting. I’m going to make this a place worth your return.